Sunday, July 6, 2008

College of Marin's Finest


The College of Marin Alumni Association has suggested that I could be helpful to them if I would spend some time improving their archives to reflect additional distinguished past members of the college community. It has occurred to me that I might be able to integrate this effort with the project I have undertaken to open the County's Health and Human Services Campus Connections Center. One of the goals of both the COM Archives and the Connections Center is to help connect the community with its valuable resources.

Here is a description of the Center from the County:

"The hub for bringing together community members and community assets is The Connection Center. Unlike a traditional lobby, the Connection Center will be the focal point for health promotion, prevention activities, and contact information for
other county and community services. Clients and visitors can enter the Campus via this one-stop welcoming Connection Center, an inviting space with meeting rooms and a cafe. A reception area will offer information, referrals, billing services,
case management and health insurance enrollment. The Connection Center will have exhibits and displays to highlight various Marin community services and health-related activities."

The Campus design for the facility described above is available on the county's website:
Marin's Health and Wellness Campus

In research I have begun recently, I appears clear that many who attended College of Marin in the past 30 years have contributed considerably to the health and effectiveness of the nonprofit community. I will be contacting those I can locate, to determine if they would be interested in being honored for their work.

Some of those whom I have identified have experience and skills assisting community groups to produce short videos explaining their programs and services. I believe that I may be able to assist both the College and the County if I help build connections to these community resources.