Saturday, December 1, 2007

Comments on the Nonprofit World


Hanging out with a moderate case of poison oak for the last day, I had a chance to catch up on some blogs that I found this week. One is of particular interest.

NonProfit Eye

It's written by a friend of mine who once worked for me in a small nonprofit here in Sonoma County. She's gone on to do wonderous things for nonprofit financial management, and I'm glad that I've discovered her work again after many years. I highly recommend subscribing to her blog to keep abreast of the views of a wise younger one.

Other Resources
There are groups of people in thos part of the world whose work I support. The work they do is varied, and my support results from personal associations I have established with them. Some are connected to me through WiserEarth, others from times long past.

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County
Canal Alliance
Sonoma County Conservation Action
Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Committee for Green Foothills
The Pachamama Alliance
Point Loma High School Alumni Association
Surfrider Foundation
Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN)
Technical Assistance for Community Services
The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University
Whatcom Council of Nonprofits

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pma said...

Thanks GF, that's nice to hear. I'm still working hard to make you proud even if it has been twenty years (no way? yes way!). Of course technically speaking I'm not working (just left a place after 10 years), but I will hopefully be back on the horse again soon!